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Mental Training Tips For Team Motivation

The level of work-team motivation impacts the level of work-team productivity performance.

In other words, the more motivated a team feels, the more productively engaged in work the team will be.

But to fully harness the power of motivation, team leadership needs to understand the real causes of motivation and of de-motivation.

First of all, motivation-power is not something you can enforce.  

You can try intimidating team members into feeling great (as ridiculous as that sounds), but that inevitably stirs up resentment and incites workers to rebel and retaliate, either openly or covertly.

You can try offering all sorts of incentives, like pay bonuses, recognition awards, and other external inducements.  

But while this strategy for motivating may temporarily spark a bit more drive in employees, most if not all of your workers will soon revert to their status quo behavior habits, attitudes and mindsets.

While it may seem logical to deduce that external conditions impact motivation, the real driving force behind morale and motivation lies in the mind.

Your mental concept of your circumstances is what either supports or undermines your passionate drive to perform.

If a team believes that expending more effort will prove fruitless and futile, that team will not feel motivated enough to go to strive any harder.Mental Training Tips for Team Motivation

But when a team thinks that one more burst of exertion can make a difference, even when the team feels basically spent, its members will push themselves and one another to do more.

Based on these factors, there are two basic keys for arousing and sustaining the drive it takes for a team to consistently put forth its best effort to attain higher levels of performance and productivity:

1.  The team must deconstruct discouraging concepts

2. The team must construct encouraging concepts

I sometimes include work on developing this form of mental strength or “mind power” in my motivational team building programs but it can and should also be included in regular team meetings.

The first step in this mental training for motivation involves leading your team into understanding how feeling very motivated is really in their best interest.

You might point out, for instance, that motivated people:

  • Perform better
  • Handle challenge more easily
  • Enjoy smoother relationships
  • Generally feel more satisfaction and joy at work
  • Maintain good health

The next step is to explain how slipping into demoralized attitudes proves to be a self-sabotaging strategy.

Mental Training Tips for Team MotivationA bit of reflection on their own personal experience reveals how disgruntled, resentful, discouraged, and unmotivated states sap our power to bring about positive change and draw us into more difficulty.

The next step is to explain how we increase and decrease our positive personal power.

The real cause of a motivational attitude is how we THINK.

When we feel discouraged, it is not because of our situation, but because of how we are thinking about our situation.

When we feel ENCOURAGED or motivated, it is because we are imagining that making our best effort will pay.

Now the team is ready to learn how to USE all this information.  

There are many ways to utilize it, but space limitations constrains me to offering just one suggestion: When you feel unmotivated or feel discouraged, look for your own THINKING that is causing it.

Mental Training Tips for Team Motivation

This simple direction of attention inward helps one to see and to release from the real cause of unhappiness, and it begins dis sipating the negative power of the thought that is the cause.

Routinely reminding your workers of why and how to sustain a higher level of self-motivation can positively impact their level of team productivity and performance.

Help your team soar with self-motivation. Powerful motivation tips abound at our great Team Building Programs and Inspiring Speaker events.

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