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Five Steps For Overcoming Self-Defeating Emotional Habits

Worrying about what will be and indulging in feelings of futility does NOT make one more effective, nor does it improve one's lot in the least.


On the contrary, it distracts one's focus from the path that leads to success and disperses one's power to progress along that path.


Feeling insecure and discouraged about your circumstances is NOT a circumstantial problem; it is an emotional problem that permits circumstantial problems to fester.


Feelings of discouragement and insecurity about one's circumstances are often habitual.  They express a negative mental-emotional habit that is self-defeating and it will continue to sabotage success until it is overcome.


Recognizing that it IS just a habit is a major step in gaining freedom from it.


The way out of a low or anxious emotional state is to go within, to look at how you feel and at what you think, and to STOP projecting the cause of your  negative feelings, mood or attitude outside of yourself.


When you project the cause of your emotional state outside of yourself you presume that your circumstances have to change before you can feel better.


But the fact is that your circumstances will NOT change until you change the way that you feel.


By simply living in a state of peaceful awareness in the now INSTEAD OF indulging in discouragement or insecurity, you achieve freedom from that negative internal state and freedom to constructively think about your goals and how to achieve them.


The next step is to get engaged in constructive work aimed at accomplishing your most important objective. 


You will find it far more satisfying and profitable to take action aimed at achieving your goal than worrying about floundering and failing.


Every moment you spend NOT indulging in a negative emotional state weakens the habit of indulging in it.


Every action you take for what you want to accomplish builds up a momentum of actively working in line with your goal, making it easier for you to continue working and to work with increasing intensity of focus and power.


Overcoming Self-Defeating Emotional Habitsrcoming Self-Defeating Emotional Habits

You can always do SOMETHING to direct your life.  You can always take some form and degree of action in line with what you want to accomplish.  Doing anything is better than doing nothing more than fretting your time and energy away.


There is nothing and no one holding you down or holding you back but a habitual attitude that tells you that you cannot achieve what you desire.


To the extent that you feel down, disappointed, insecure or defeated you do NOT have a life problem – you have an attitude problem: a habitual attitude that portrays you as a victim of an insurmountable obstacle.


That habitual attitude is ALL that can prevent you from succeeding.


When you realize that your attitude, and not your circumstances (or other people), is your problem you are 50% free of the problem.


To progress the other 50%:


1- Notice your attitude – many are actually unconscious of their attitude; what you are conscious of you can do something about.


2- Avoid or stop projecting the cause of your attitude outside of yourself. 


3- See your attitude as a cause and observe what it is causing – see the “paralysis” it produces – how it prevents you from taking action and keeps you feeling anxious.


4- Dwell CONSCIOUSLY in peace; avoid indulging in the negative attitude habit to avoid “feeding” it with your energy.


5- Think about what you can do to advance in the direction you want your life to follow and take some kind of action in line with that objective.


Following the above 5 steps will turn an insecure, frustrated or despondent attitude of inactivity into a state of peaceful confidence, inspired contentment and increasingly effective action.

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