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Motivation is the power locked in your desire. When you want something badly enough you do all you can to get it.  You can be so motivated that you are willing to risk your life for a potential outcome, like the mother who runs into a collapsing, burning building to rescue her child whom she knows to be trapped in there.  She's totally motivated.


What are you so motivated for that you are willing to risk everything for it, willing to put everything on the line for it?  We call this your core motivation.  I've reached the point when my core motivation is living in inner peace, love, and compassion.  It is also to tell the deepest, most beautiful truth I know through my speaking and writing.


Self-confidence tells us that we are capable of achieving what we feel motivated to achieve.  If you doubt your ability to achieve something you block the power of your motivation to achieve it.


The attitude of self-confidence can be cultivated to allow your deepest power of motivation to carry you as far as you can go in the direction you desire.

When leaders or managers strive to ENFORCE higher performance, ignoring the team's spirit, they end up choking the flow of motivation, stifling the workers' drive to do and to give their best.

If a team leader tries to regulate, force, demand or threaten a team into high performance, his effort must prove to be as futile as attempting to force a flower to grow by pulling on its tender budding petals!

When leaders are very critical of their people they undermine the self-confidence of the team members.  This diminishes the power of the team's motivation to achieve the leaders' aims, so it's counter productive to say the least.

When we relate to others in a way that discounts their value we attack their self-confidence.  The attack cuts deeper the closer our relationship.

Ultimately we each need to take total responsibility for our own levels of self-confidence and motivation because we just can't count on others to always be there to support us in that way.

If you find one or more people on whom you really can rely on to support your self-confidence, you are most fortunate.

Team building in its highest form is all about creating a group of mutually supportive individuals who are committed to building one another up in the area of self-confidence.

Families are ideal systems for building-up self-confidence, but, unfortunately, many families fall short of fulfilling this ideal.

If leadership has one core feature it is to build-up both the motivation and the self-confidence of those she leads.  The same applies to teachers.  Your students will perform equal to their level of self-confidence and motivation every time.

The fact is, though, that no one can dampen your self-confidence and motivation without your cooperation.  How we see other people is really just a reflection of how we see ourselves.  If you see someone as treating you in a way that undermines your self-confidence what you are really looking at is a way that you undermine your own!

Look at how self-critical you are toward your self when you feel that someone else is treating you in a way that hurts your self-confidence.  When you feel like lashing out or striking back because of how another seems to be relating to you, focus instead on no longer relating to your self in that way.

To build your self-confidence, pay close attention to your thinking.  Thinking of failures is a sure way to deplete your power of self-confidence.

Think of yourself as capable.  Think of yourself as powerful.  Think of yourself as good and beautiful and true to your values think of yourself as being one with integrity and deserving all the good that you desire.

To build your motivation consider deeply what it is that you really, really care about; what you really, really want to accomplish, to contribute to, to become.  Return to this target of contemplation again and again and gradually your power of motivation will grow.

As you contemplate what you really want to accomplish at the deepest level of your being, and align your thinking with self-confidence building, both your motivation and self-confidence will grow, taking you as far as you can go in the direction you really want to follow.

To make the greatest progress, practice this during letdowns, when it is easiest to lapse into self-doubt and insecurity, both of which sap motivation.  Practicing when it is hardest to do so strengthens you the most.

In my engaging keynotes I empower  audiences with motivation and self-confidence, boosting their joy and opening their sense of the positive possibilities.  "Bob Lancer inspires the hero in us," Michael Basch Jr. CEO of ACI

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