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Leadership Accountability & team Building

Leadership accountability is crucial for building and maintainingsuccessful work-teams. 

A leader makes herself accountable by accepting at least a portion of the responsibility for any problem with her workforce, including:

  • Low Employee Morale
  • In-Fighting Among Team Members
  • A Fall In Productivity
  • A Dip In Profits
  • Failure To Execute Policy
  • Rule Breaking
  • Or Any Other Work-Team Glitch Or Set-Back That Occurs “Under Her Watch.”

Nothing may be more vital to effective leadership development training than addressing the why and the how of accountability with profound depth and clarity. 

Personal accountability and personal empowerment go together.

Team leaders empower themselves to solve any problem that they accept responsibility for.

For example, to improve team-work, rather than placing all of the responsibility on your staff for any lapse in their coordination or for any interpersonal conflict, consider how YOU can improve the way YOU work with your staff to improve team-work

To empower yourself with leadership accountability, regard every problem you have with your team as a challenge you need to master.

As you follow this approach, you turn every worker's performance problem into an opportunity for your leadership development, and thus you grow into higher levels of effective leadership.

One key to empowering your leadership with leadership accountability is to recognize the profound influence of modeling.

If your team shows a lack of motivation, as you boost your own motivation, you become more motivational.

If speakers within your team express the negativity of disgruntlement in a toxic chain of gossip, you might look for how much YOU complain about your workers and express disgruntlement toward them or about them.

As you accept responsibility for what goes wrong in your world, by your modeling, you influence those under your charge to accept responsibility for what goes wrong in THEIR world.

In this way, you develop a stronger workforce, because each team member is more empowered to solve problems and make improvements.

Here are 2 team-building activities to help the members of your workforce become more accountable:

At a team meeting, break your workforce up into groups of around 5 individuals each.

  1. Pose a problem faced by your leadership – say, tardiness.  
    1. Then give each group around 10 to 15 minutes to discuss what they as a group can do to solve this problem.
  2. Pose another problem – say, a personal conflict going on between two team mates.
    1. Now, give the group the challenge of coming up with how they may be contributing to that problem (even though the two individuals in conflict are not members of that group).

To make these team-building activities most effective, the team's leader needs to explain how every member of the organization is connected, and every individual within the organization contributes to every mal-function and every success exhibited by the organization.  We can call this the Power of Personal Responsibility Perspective.

To demonstrate be the most effective leader that you can be, find ways that YOU can change YOUR way of functioning for better results.

If you look for ways that you contribute to any problem you face, you will find those ways.

Constructive and empowering leadership accountability does NOT mean that you “beat yourself up” because things aren't flowing perfectly, but rather you LIFT yourself up into higher levels of personal ability for better results.

To build a culture of accountability in your workplace, schedule a motivating team building seminar. 
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