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Build Trust in Your Team Building

To build trust in your team requires first that you are honest with yourself. 

You have to face any feelings of insecurity in order to dispel them.

If the team leader feels insecure about the abilities, professionalism or loyalty of the team or of himself / herself, that feeling of lacking confidence permeates the workplace and lowers the motivation and attitude of everyone within it.

To build trust in your team building is to increase the strength of cohesiveness throughout your organization.

Building trust in a work-team begins with the team's leader building trust in himself or herself.

The team leader who feels insecure, who lacks self-confidence, incites a lack of trust and confidence throughout the work environment.

Demonstrating authentic self-confidence is not the same as denigrating others, criticizing, complaining, or condescending

To exude the positive energy of trust and confidence in oneself requires the skill of managing stress well.

When you face challenges that trigger your stress, that is the time to develop your stress-management skill.

Relax your body.  Breathe calmly. Refuse to entertain worrisome notions. Practice trusting that all will be well.

It is not only leadership that employees need to trust for the success of the organization. 

When members of the team begin distrusting their leader, or one another, morale, productivity and performance falter.

Whether workers lack trust in those at their level, in those at the level above them or or at those in the level below them in the organization, as trust dissipates friction grows, morale drops, and productivity suffers.

For the highest levels of accomplishment, each team member needs to trust leadership AND his and her team mates.

We can learn how to inspire trust from the skills demonstrated by fine motivational speakers.

A motivational speaker generates trust, confidence and drive by sharing his or her own feeling of inspiration, and by speaking in ways that point to solutions rather than problems.

An excellent team building activity involves team leaders and team members in the practice of motivational speaking.

In a team meeting, have participants form small groups. The task of each small group is for each goup-member to be the group's motivational speaker for 5 minutes.

The task of these motivational speakers is to speak to the group in a way that inspires their trust, their drive, their desire to succeed.

This team building activity gives everyone the opportunity to experience and express the form of positive communication that inspires trust.

As a result of this team building exercise, the members of the team function as "in-house" motivational speakers, able to cultivate an atmosphere of trust in the workplace.

It's always best to test people before you trust or distrust them.   

But don't start out by distrusting others' abilities, because this just encourages them to behave in an untrustworthy manner.

When you believe that you have what it takes to do your job well, you will feel more secure about others' ability to do their jobs well. That is when real, positive team bonding begins.

Of course, the most essential element necessary to build trust in your team is for YOU to be truly trustworthy. 

Build trust in your team: Schedule a motivating team building seminar or motivational speaker event.

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