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Avoid Leadership Failure

Three Steps To Turn Around A Floundering Organization

To avoid the dismal experience of “leadership failure” leaders need to know what to do to turn around a floundering organization.

When business is floundering a practical response is often to focus on cutting costs.

While I can certainly recognize here the value of refined focus on frugality, I believe there to be an important missing element in the strategy, even though the bottom line goals may be met through slashing expenses, even at the expense of cutting the workforce.   Including this "missing element" may produce even greater results.

That missing element is the raising of the positive energy channeled through the organization.  This can be accomplished by taking these three steps:

1... Igniting the inspiration of the "man/woman power" to engage more fully in the "cause" of the enterprise.

* This can be done through re-messaging the organization's mission, helping every employee understand how valuable his/her contribution is, encouraging the workforce to give 110% and asking them what they need in order to do that, etc.

2… Before cutting labor costs help labor cut out of the costly problem of lowered morale and job-insecurity.

* This is done by providing them with motivational speakers, creating a closer bond between management and staff, providing some stress-management and interpersonal team building coaching, coaching managers in more motivational leadership, etc.

3 … The leader of the organization needs to accept total accountability.  This involves him/her self-evaluating to make sure that he/she is really into or fully aligned with the success of the enterprise from a soul or spiritual level.

* A company's challenges are always a reflection of leadership's internal challenges.  A floundering company is often a sign that the leader is going through an inner conflict, wanting success on one level but not feeling aligned with it at the core level.  Leadership addressing the question, "What may be going on within me that is responsible for the weak performance of the company?" can shed inner light that can resolve this conflict and re-ignite the positive inspiration of leadership; this then trickles down to produce a more inspired and engaged workforce, passionately going the extra mile to make the company grow.

Of course, this "missing element" needs to be balanced by a reevaluation of where every dollar is going, because waste manifests loss, but sometimes as leaders reevaluate what they really do care about most, they see value in dollars spent that from another perspective seem wasteful.

To avoid “leadership failure” look at the “energy level” of your organization as well as the “passion level” within yourself.  By increasing the positive energy flowing through the organization, leaders can turn around a floundering organization.


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