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The Power of Visualization for Team Building

Learning how to harness the power of visualization is one of the most important aspects of team leadership development.

Wielding that amazing power skillfully is something that every team member should be trained in as well.

Directing the power of mental vision is a great team building exercise for every member of an organization, from leadership down through the ranks.  

Not only can you use this power for team buildingbut for overcoming every challenge to the success of the organization, including the raising of performance levels, morale building, and coping with change.

The mental visions that you hold in mind are a choice. 

When you CHOOSE to envision conditions that you want to occur, you direct one your greatest creative powers for producing conditions that you intend.

The essential problem with the power of visualization, though, occurs when we permit our fears to run it.

Fear runs vision-power when an individual, a group, or an entire work-team coping with change worries about the possible disappointing outcomes of the change.

When team leadership falls into this pattern of anxious, negative forecasting, there really is NO leadership. 

One leadership development and team building exercise for harnessing the positive power of vision - which is really a form of positive thinking - involves a practice in motivational speaking.

To speak motivationally is to connect your voice, words and thoughts to your positive passion.

A motivational speaker focuses on the positive and incites the drive and confidence needed to win.

When you practice motivational speaking in your life, you are all about igniting and nurturing the motivation to be successful, and this keeps your mental visions, your thinking and imagining, on a positive track.

Instead of complaining about what you don't want, talk about what you DO want.

Instead of worrying about all the reasons that make failure conceivable, talk about the reasons that make success conceivable.

This manner of speaking is an essential aspect of motivational leadership development.

As you develop the habit of motivational speaking with everyone in your life, you will find that you lose the costly habit of worrying about possible scenarios that you hope will never happen.  

Since envisioning conditions that you want directs your creative energy into building those conditions in your life, envisioning what you fear directs your creative energy into creating what you do NOT want.

As a team building exercise, have every member of your organization practice: 

  1. Speaking in a motivational way
  2. Focusing thought in a positive direction.

As a result of this practice at work, and in personal life, the workplace will feel increasingly positive, the workforce will feel more energized, performance levels will rise and goals will be achieved.

Worry = Negative Visioning = Negative Creating

Taking control of your power of vision gives you control over the direction of your life.

Leadership Tips:

  1. Envision a positive team. 
  2. When you are facing change, envision how you would love things to change for the better.

One of the most important aspects of leadership development training for successfully coping with change involves instilling in team leaders  the understanding that when they worry, they are channeling their creative visualization power into bringing about what they are worried about.

For a more positive team that demonstrates positive leadership traits, for greater team leadership that produces a happier, higher performing workforce, schedule an executive coaching session or a motivating team building seminar or motivational speaker event.

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