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Relax Your Way To Greater Success

When you feel that you are “in over your head” because you seem overwhelmed by all that is coming at you and all the demands placed upon you, your solution is to relax your way to success and approach your situation as an opportunity for developing mastery.

Calmly and confidently handling a situation that could easily feel overwhelming  develops your strength and skill for facing, dealing with and overcoming bigger challenges.

The urge to escape our biggest challenges is really an urge that would prevent us from growing into our greater potential  for living a bigger life if we heed it.  Escapism slows or impedes the growth process.

If your mind starts presenting you with fear-triggered visions of failure, withdraw your attention from those visions and re-focus on your actual present moment experience.  

Frightening visions of the future distract one from taking care of the work at hand and thus function as self-fulfilling prophesies if we indulge in them.


Make maintaining a calm, relaxed and self-assured state of being your primary responsibility.  Your state of being does not have to be determined by circumstances.  

You can learn how to relax in the midst of the whole world falling apart.  By doing so, you accomplish many positive things.

For instance, when you relax your body is functioning in a healthier mode than when you feel anxious and tense.

When you relax you radiate a calm, orderly energy field about you that emanates into your environment as an ordering, calming influence.

When you relax you can think more clearly and constructively.

When you relax you feel happier than when nervous, anxious tension grips you.  In that happy state you enjoy your life, lose desperation, and you can relate with others in a loving, harmonious and satisfying way.

The relaxed way of dealing with your greatest challenges gives way to the actualization of your potential for greater mastery.  You grow more capable and reliable by simply dealing with big situations in a calm, conscious, conscientious manner.

If you are feeling the panicking sense of overwhelm it means that you are taking on too much, not stepping back enough, losing your balance.  

Concentrate on your state more than on your situation.  Return to a relaxed state of calm confidence by taking your mind off your problems and directing it onto how you are feeling in your body.

Take calming breaths.  Walk.  Look at the sky.  Take a jog or a nap.  Do whatever you need to do to release yourself from the situation long enough to restore your calm state of confidence. 

As long as you continue thinking or worrying about what is coming at you and what you have to do you keep yourself off balance, stressed out, weak and miserable.  This means that the situation is overcoming you, rather than you overcoming your situation.  Rather than developing mastery and growing more self-reliant, you are weakening your mastery and falling into a more dependent state.

Remember to regard your state of being as separate from your circumstances.  All hell can be breaking loose but you can remain calm in the center of the storm.  

Mastery expresses calm, relaxation, confidence and even joy.  When one demonstrates mastery one does not appear to be overwhelmed, but rather in charge.

Being in charge starts with an attitude, and your attitude expresses your state of being. 

We feel overwhelmed when we stand too close to our problems.  It's like holding up a nickel so close to your eye that you block out the sun.

Give yourself enough psychological space from your problems to permit them to appear small enough to handle in a relaxed, confident mode.  Essentially, see your biggest challenges, including your severest tests and trials, as opportunities to develop self-mastery – the self-mastery demonstrated by the relaxed way to success.

As you choose relaxation instead of overwhelm as your state of being you will enjoy your life more.  You will also develop your ability to handle bigger challenges and that will bring to you bigger opportunities.

The more challenging your circumstances, the greater the opportunity that will come after it if you face them with peace and poise.  When you lose your peace and poise you lose your power.

To state the matter as simply as possible: relax your way to greater success.

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