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Avoid Crisis Creation

Avoid crisis consciousness to avoid crisis creation.

Crisis consciousness enters whenever you entertain thoughts of your own crisis, of another's personal crisis, or even of some international crisis a thousand miles away.

To think of crisis is to feel crisis, and that thought and feeling manifests a crisis in your life.

What is the opposite of a crisis?  A higher state of order unfolding in your life.  You might call it a miraculous occurrence.  Try anticipating that.

As you slip into thoughts and feelings of just how wonderful you would love your life to be, and trust that your life is actually heading there, you experience that high quality experience right here and now.  

You also find that your life replicates that positive state of anticipation, meaning that your life forms into what you anticipate.

You don't have to struggle in the least to bring about what you intend for yourself.  In fact, the more you struggle, the more crisis you cause yourself.

Your life is naturally unfolding into your deepest heart's desire, even if you are not entirely conscious of what your deepest heart's desire is.  How is that?  Because that is your deepest desire, and that is what is coming about.

Get into the flow.  Your life is like an ocean with a mighty current.  That current is heading toward the very life conditions that you desire with all of your heart.  Go with the current.

The current takes you through forms of circumstances that sometimes match your expectations, but sometimes your expectations do not seem to be met.  This is illusion, though.  No matter how different what is happening seems to be from what you want, if you look for how what is happening is exactly right for you, is exactly aligned with what you desire most, you will find it.

Look at how your present situation is miraculous and the miraculous unfolds.  If you don't see that right away, keep looking.

All that blocks your way to what you desire is the fearful resistance against the flow of life that manifests crisis.  Dissolve this resistance and avoid the crisis by imagining how you would feel if you knew without a doubt that your life is moving in the direction you want it to flow.

Get in touch with the feeling of flow in your body.  The feeling of energy flowing within you tells you that you are fearfully resisting.  Your fear of what might be happening prevents you from flowing fully with what is really happening, and what is really happening is what you really want to be happening.  You are on your way to all you desire and it really doesn't matter how long it will take because the end result is inevitable, and if you trust that you feel fulfilled along the way.

But if you indulge in crisis consciousness, you manifest the conditions that you fear.  You will do this over and over and over again until you learn to stay away from thoughts and feelings of crisis. 

You can certainly justify crisis consciousness with logic.  You might say, “But if we don't do something about what is happening something even more terrible will happen!”  All this does is keep you in crisis consciousness.  So you might as well start thinking about the crisis you want to go through, because you are going to go through one.

It may be at work.  It may be in your home or personal life.  It may be a money crisis or a health crisis, but you are asking for it.

Crisis consciousness is addictive.  There is some kind of chemical that it releases that the body becomes addicted to.  That chemical reaction feels familiar.  It feels suitable.  It's like someone who went through a divorce in childhood who feels compelled to put her own children through a divorce because a broken home-life feels more familiar, more natural to her than one that remains in tact.

If you want to continue thinking and speaking about a crisis you have the freedom to do so.  If you want to avoid another crisis in your life, though, you will avoid such thought and speech.

If you hear another talking about a crisis don't turn that into a crisis.  Maintain your peace and poise.  Don't react emotionally to it.  Don't get emotionally involved in that person's story or in any fear or resistance to it.  Don't turn it into a crisis.

How do you feel when your life is crisis free?  Practice living in that feeling to avoid crisis.

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