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Surrendered Leadership Power

Living The Wisdom Of Being Led By Life


We can classify leadership into two different categories.  One is leadership by control.  The other is surrendered leadership.


Leadership by control means applying your efforts to determine the course of events.


Surrendered leadership means giving up control with trust in the course that events take you.


While it seems that the control-freaks are the ones who achieve the highest levels of success in the world, success would flow more freely and expansively through them and for them if they would relax into trusting the way things go.


You enter the world that you believe in.


The real cause of the conditions in our lives is not the efforts we make to control people and circumstances.  The control we seem to derive from that is just an illusion. 


The real cause is our beliefs about ourselves, others and the world in general.  


It's not that action is not needed.  It's just that it takes inspired action, rather than action driven by a burdensome sense of obligation, for joy, success and abundance to expand freely in our lives.


When you trust life with all your heart your inspiration ignites.  Then your inspiration ignites inspiration in others. As a leader, your heightened inspiration translates into more inspired performance from those you lead.

Inspired performers joyfully express a higher level of creativity, insight, intuition and originality and they demonstrate a higher level of effectiveness.


We access inspired performance by trusting in life's lead.  This includes trusting the people in our life. 

The moment you slip into negative, critical judgment of another person (or yourself), you have slipped into the controlling mode that blocks, limits or altogether stifles inspired performance.  It certainly blocks, limits and stifles the inspiration of those you criticize.


You criticize someone based on the belief that he can do something that works against you; but this is really impossible.

If you trust that everything everyone does must always work for you, and really can never work against you, you feel gratitude for what they do, not criticism, and you both experience greater support, success, fulfillment and joy.


It is only the belief that that anyone can work against us that leads us to experience negative judgment. 


Turn your attention away from the frustrating, frightening mental pictures and interpretations supported by that belief. Drop any logical arguments that defend that belief.


When you feel tempted to see how something someone did was wrong, you are given the perfect opportunity to strengthen your trust in the impossibility of things going wrong. 

Use this opportunity by shifting your focus from the negative mental image and interpretation of their action to focus on the feeling of their action being essentially beneficial. This translates into more confident leadership that inspires others to feel more confidence in you.

Replacing the controlling mode with the mode of surrender with ultimate trust in whatever happens defines the surrendered leader. 

Surrendered leaders inspire others to surrender their controlling modes to wholeheartedly follow the leader's lead. 

The stronger your feeling of trust in life's leadership, the more power and people you allow to work on your behalf.


To become a totally surrendered leader, though, you must pass through the fire.  This means facing situations that trigger your deepest fears and most scathing insecurities. 


Choosing trust in whatever happens instead of fearful control under these extreme circumstances frees you to remain more confident and positive under all circumstances.  This makes you a truly great leader.


Surrendered leadership is the true calling for all who feel led to leadership positions, be it business leaders, crew bosses, people in the clergy, community leaders, teachers, parents, coaches, etc.

We are all called to be surrendered leaders of our own lives.


For an inspiring keynote that moves your audience into greater trust in their lives, in themselves and in others, for more joyful success and mutually supportive, fulfilling relationships, email me to set up a time to chat about your professional speaker needs.

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