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Cultivate A Higher Performance Attitude

An absolutely essential element for leadership, including the leadership of our lives, involves the cultivation of a higher performance attitude.

A higher performance attitude keeps us open to life's higher possibilities.  A low performance attitude holds us captive in the worst case scenarios of the mind.

We automatically lead others into the attitude that we model.  Attitudes are contagious. No one can successfully mask a negative or low performance attitude.

An attitude of trust, faith and confidence in yourself and in your staff (team, family, spouse or any other group or partnership) makes it easier for each individual involved to open to more positive possibilities.

Self-confidence is the foundation of a high performance attitude. Your measure of self-confidence is a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Self-confidence really does not have anything to do with the measure of any past performance. How you feel toward yourself, how you think of yourself, determines your measure of self-confidence.  

When you feel tempted to think critically of yourself, shift into a perspective that focuses on your infinite potential.

This will cause your self-confidence to rise.  

Self-confidence is also the foundation of effective leadership.  As your self-confidence rises you will feel less insecure about other people letting you down.

This helps them feel more self-confident and more confident about their possibilities.  Thus, they will more enthusiastically take on bigger goals and challenges.

When we feel confident we are more willing to face and learn from our mistakes.  We are more receptive to constructive feedback and more ready to make adjustments in line with it.

We are all leaders of our  lives and in our lives.  

What we do determines the direction of our lives.  And what our doing models automatically influences the people in our lives to function similarly to at least some degree.  We are all connected, all one.

Life is our ultimate leader.  

The results of our actions depend upon how well our actions align with life's leadership or guidance.  Life is constantly leading you from within. It leads you with a feeling that tells you when you are in life's flow and when you are in conflict with life's flow.

As you heed and trust the inner feeling of life's flow you experience a growing sense of alignment, harmony, empowerment and optimism. Events line up with your intentions and doors of opportunity, cooperation and support open for you.

The more you push against your feeling of life's flow, the more frustration, irritation, nervousness, anxiousness you feel and the more opposition, setback, delay and resistance you run into.

 Cultivate an attitude of trust toward your inner feeling of life's flow.  Feel more and think less.  Your feelings are your best guide for leading yourself and others.

This trusting attitude toward life as it is felt is overlooked in conventional thought-circles around leadership, but it is really what we can call the ultimate higher performance attitude.

If your attitude toward your innermost feelings of life's flow is that those feelings really don't matter, or that you know better about how to proceed, you effectively block your way.

As you learn to trust and rely on your innermost feeling of life's flow as your one true guide in all matters, you discover your blockages dissolving as you live in an expanding state of satisfying inner peace and harmony.

Practice this trusting attitude toward the feeling of life's flow that is leading you from within and you will find others reflecting that trust by demonstrating more trust in your leadership.

Your trusting attitude inspires your higher performance and the higher performance of those you are in relationship with.

In my engaging keynotes I lead audiences into the higher performance attitude that opens their minds to life's highest possibilities. 

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