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Lead Business Development With Workplace Awareness

The life of a business or organization, like the quality of life for any individual, demands continuing growth.

Every business, like every person,has limitless potential.  

While we all demonstrate some level of this potential, we each limit our demonstration of that potential through unconscious, self-limiting behaviors.

As we grow more self-aware (through intentional practice) we shift from blaming others or circumstances into the realization of how we limit ourselves. 

Self-growth begins with the intentional practice of awareness in the now.

Through this practice we gradually recognize our limiting behaviors.

This recognition gradually frees us from those limiting behaviors and releases us to demonstrate a higher level of our limitless potential. 

In other words, as we grow more aware we naturally perform, achieve results, enjoy our work and serve others at a higher level.

As we continue to grow in self-awareness, we uncover additional, previously unconscious self-limiting behaviors and release ourselves from those behaviors to demonstrate more and more of our limitless potential.  

Thus we grow more powerful, purposeful and fulfilled as we grow more aware.  This is an endless process of self-growth through awareness that occurs level by level.

Advancing through Levels of Growth

We remain at each level of growth for a certain length of time, depending on our level of awareness (the process accelerates as we advance).

The life of an individual, like the life of a business or organization, demands continuing growth.

Whatever our current level, limitations become apparent, making our situation increasingly uncomfortable.

An analogy of this can the increasing discomfort of a developing child outgrowing the limiting space of the mother's womb.

The discomfort of our current situation increases as long as our limiting patterns remain in tact.

This discomfort gradually turns into increasingly severe forms of suffering as hopes and dreams are dashed against the "walls" of our limiting behaviors.

For instance, attempts to progress in one's career, to improve a relationship, to overcome a burdensome emotional or economic situation end in a sense of failure because one has not yet seen how one is producing the disappointing outcome.

Suffering acts as an internal pressure, prodding us ever more forcefully to recognize the self-limiting behaviors that cause our suffering.

We eventually discover how we produce our disappointments as we direct our attention into a conscious experience of the NOW.  Awareness grows through EXERCISE.  

As this occurs, we recognize the self-limiting behaviors that hold us in our present level, and this liberates us to progress into the next higher level.

Thus we grow, level by level, through awareness.  

Facilitating Self-Growth

As we grow, our influence automatically leads, inspires and prods those with whom we come in contact to grow into  the fulfillment of their higher potential.  

Aware functioning around, with or toward others facilitates their growth to the extent that they are open and ready to grow.

While all of us are growing at a certain rate, some are growing at a more accelerated rate due to their advanced level of awareness.

We Cannot Force Another to Grow

We cannot force another to grow more quickly than he or she is ready to.  Attempting to force another's growth incites conflict.

However, virtually all individuals are open TO SOME DEGREE of advancement in self-growth.   

Facilitating the growth process of others is an essential part of the role of leaders and managers. 

Doing this effectively requires discernment of the other's 

degree of openness to growth and then application of just the right measure and form of relating to facilitate that growth-process.

The Positive Impact of Self-Growth

As we grow more aware, we naturally find opportunities to advance into higher positions of leadership.

We fulfill the responsibility of those higher positions, and thus advance higher, by helping those we lead  achieve the fulfillment of their higher potential.

So, as we grow more aware we produce more positive results, and lead others to do the same, in the relationships, teams and organizations in which we function.

Thus the formula: To grow your business, grow your people.

Exercise for growing more aware: Spend a few minutes simply noticing your experience in the present moment.  Pay particular attention to any thoughts that stream into your mind, and notice how those thoughts make you feel.

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