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Create a Stronger Workforce through Leadership Awareness Development

There is a natural order process to success.  There IS a step-by-step organic way we can follow to blossom forth our goals, and make tremendous strides in a short time.  Effective leaders find and follow this way.

It involves taking advantage of one's leverage.

Simply stated, the higher the quality of our work, the greater our leverage for success.

Develop your skills.  Cultivate a better attitude.  Master your time, your thought, your communication tools. 

Perhaps most importantly, develop your leadership skills

 Develop your leadership skills.

Your leverage for success strengthens as you develop leadership skills like self-determined conscientiousness, going the extra mile, demonstrating initiative and execution follow-through.

The opposite of leadership is automatically repeating habitual reaction-patterns and making others responsible for our problems.

Leaders don't react.  They take responsibility for what happens and determine the direction of events. 

Strengthen Your Workforce

Just as with individual success, to maximize the essential leverage for an organization's success, the ongoing leadership development of the workforce is essential. 

Workforce performance strengthens as each individual member of that workforce develops leadership skills.

When every member of an organization remains determined to lead the organization to success, success happens more swiftly, more easily and more profoundly.

At the crux of leadership is being aware of yourself AS a leader.

Leadership ultimately comes down to being aware of ourselves as leaders in the NOW, for only when we are in the NOW can we decide on the direction we truly want to take things from here.

We can choose our thoughts.  We can choose what gets our attention.  We can choose our direction in life.

In the NOW, basically, we can lead our lives where we want our lives to go. We cannot think of ourselves as victims.

By simply practicing being more aware in the NOW, we become aware of how we unconsciously mislead our lives in and out of the workplace.

We begin to see how we presume that other people or outside forces or circumstances are to blame for the problems that result from our own unconscious activities.  We see further how this makes us feel victimized, resentful, and powerless.

As we become more aware we make better choices in the NOW.  We lead ourselves more effectively in and out of the workplace.  We adhere to a higher work-ethic in all matters.

Leadership is self-directed. 

Every action you take is the result of your conscious or unconscious decision to take that action.

No matter how forcefully the leader of an organization makes a demand upon a member of the workforce, any individual's attempt to satisfy that demand stems from a decision of where to lead one's own life.

As we wake up to our self-leadeship in the NOW, we make more responsible choices.

Wake up to the power of thought.

Paying more attention to the NOW soon reveals the astonishing, quite miraculous leadership power of thought: how we lead events to match what we think about.

We then see how essential it is to direct thought-power.  For to direct our thoughts is to direct our lives.

We see that negative thinking manifests problems as efficiently as positive thinking manifests solutions.

We see how we undermine ourselves by unconsciously identifying with thought, how to dis-identify from thought and how to take control of our thinking to take control of our professional and personal destinies.

A highly trained Leadership Workforce is dedicated to the utmost to solve its organization's problems and to achieve its organization's goals and it follows the natural order (most efficient and direct) course of action to those bright outcomes.

A leadership workforce is an organization's leverage as it organizes, aligns and coheres around a central purpose through the aware self-determination (self-leadership) of its members.


Bob Lancer is among today's foremost Motivational Speakers for developing awareness in the workplace. 

Contact him today to learn more about how you can bring him to your corporation or organization to develop a stronger workforce through Leadership Awareness Development.

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