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Raise Performance Levels With Awareness In The Workplace

An outside sales trainer felt disliked and unaccepted by the team of sales reps he was hired to train.  

Management offered no support.  They seemed disinterested in the success of the training program.  

Though neither the sales reps nor management ever said it directly, it appeared obvious that they resented the fact that this outside program was forced upon them by corporate.

The more this trainer nursed his disheartening thought-emotion about the level of opposition he was facing, the more disempowered he felt.

But once he realized that he was causing his spirits to plummet by dwelling on such thoughts and feelings, he felt more free and empowered to do a better job.  

Every member of every organization limits his or her effectiveness to some degree through unconscious mental-emotion patterns.

Until one identifies the thought and feeling undermining effectiveness, one blames circumstances or other people for one's self-created disappointing results.

By developing awareness, one discovers the limiting pattern and releases it to function more effectively, achieve at a higher level and contribute more of value to the organization.

You can better lead your organization, manage your people, serve your clients, work with your staff or co-workers, manage your time, fulfill your responsibilities, and achieve company objectives by growing more self-aware.

Self-awareness develops by focusing your attention inward to observe the thought-emotion events happening within you in the NOW.

This inward direction of attention gradually produces a sort of telescopic perspective that eventually reveals a limiting thought-emotion pattern that had previously been concealed in the depths of the unconscious.

This limiting pattern can then be intentionally abandoned and replaced with a more effective pattern that produces higher performance.

As you continue the practice of deliberately paying attention to your thoughts and feelings in the NOW - when you feel up, down, and balanced - your level of self-awareness deepens, disclosing another self-limiting pattern standing in the way of higher accomplishment. 

This process of see-release-replace self-limiting patterns for higher performance can be carried on endlessly. We can describe this as the process of fulfilling the human potential through awareness. 

Each new level of awareness that is achieved reveals a previously unconscious self-limiting mental-emotional pattern that blocks higher performance.  

For instance, under the influence of feelings of disappointment we lose motivation and focus and perform less effectively.

Seeing how we limit and lock ourselves into disappointment enables to release that depleting mental-emotional state, resulting in higher performance.

We can stop the self-demoralizing habit of dwelling on thoughts of how others don't appreciate us to focus more fully on accomplishing our goals and doing our best work.

But we must continue limiting our performance as long as we remain unconscious of how we do so.  

Intentional observation of one's inner thought-emotion event in the NOW brings about a “thinning of the veil” of unconsciousness, gradually revealing previously unrecognized, self-growth opportunities.

Your current patterns were adequate to take you to where you are, but they will prove inadequate to take you any further, and they may even prove to be inadequate to sustain your current position.

For instance, a common limiting pattern for trainers is losing self-confidence when an audience responds coolly.  This can lead to defensiveness which interferes with audience rapport-building.  

Thus, the potential for "winning the audience over" is diminished.  Beyond this, the defensive trainer subtly repels his audience, likely resulting in an even cooler audience response.

By recognizing your descent into low self-confidence, and observing how that response-pattern of yours is holding you back, you can release from it more quickly and avoid becoming defensive.

But if the trainer is not paying close enough attention to his internal thought-feeling reaction pattern, he presumes that HIS AUDIENCE makes him feel down. He believes that he really DOES lack what it takes to succeed. So he underperforms accordingly.

Recognizing that his REACTION makes him feel bad, and lowers his subsequent performance, empowers him to let go of that reaction to some degree.  

Over time, this inner work releases him more and more to live with the self-confidence that supports higher performance.

Our unconscious, habitual mental-emotional reaction patterns impose a drag on our performance.

As we recognize these patterns we can release ourselves from them.

As long as we remain unconscious of them, we limit our level of accomplishment and needlessly risk avoidable failure.

Lead your workforce into more awareness by routinely reminding them to "look within."  

In this way you lead them to discover new opportunities to raise their level of performance for higher accomplishment.  

Exercise: Look back at a disappointing event in your past.  Notice how you felt about what you perceived to be occurring.  Think of an emotional response to the situation that would have empowered you to function more effectively. Practice feeling that way now.  This is how to retrain your emotional response patterns through awareness for higher performance.

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