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Powerful Leadership Development NOW Principles

The following are some powerful leadership development principles and practices for leading your life and leading others more and more effectively IN THE NOW.

F.A.T.E.: Your fate (future) is determined by the Focus of your Attention, Time and Energy IN THE NOW.

The Law of 3 = 1: Every relationship consists of 3 factors INTERACTING IN THE PRESENT MOMENT: self, other and the relationship.  3 = 1 because our thoughts, feelings, speech and behavior are contagious.  We impact those we interact with and influence how they think, feel, speak and act, as we are influenced and impacted by them.  

The Law of Association:  Similar to the above.  We become like those we spend time with.  We become like those we think about.  How you think of someone is how you yourself will be.  Carefully monitor how much time you spend with “negative” influencers (physically and mentally) to avoid “catching” their problems.

Event > Reaction > Result:  Leadership is about directing your reactions IN THE NOW to direct your results.

The 3 G's: Goal, Go and Grow.  The more you focus on your goals, go for them and grow for them the less reactive you will be to events.  You will be more able to remain steadily focused on and engaged in achieving your goals IN THE NOW under any conditions.

Beware of “Victim Thinking”: When you think of another person as a victim you invest the creative energy of your mind into manifesting that condition.  You also, based on the law of association, cultivate in yourself a victim mindset.

Train Your Train of Thought: Thought occurs in trains.  Focusing on losses leads to thoughts of more losses, and that draws you into more losses.  Thinking about goals and gains leads to insights and ideas as to WHAT YOU CAN DO RIGHT NOW to achieve them.

Be Present With Your Mind: What you focus on in the present moment determines the quality of your present moment experience AND the direction of your life.

You lead others to be as you areDon't worry about how you SEEM; pay attention to how you ARE iN THE NOW, and you'll go far.

Confidence Breeds Competence:  You have to feel totally confident that you can achieve something to give it your best shot.  Until you give it your best shot, you'll never know if it actually was possible. PRACTICE FEELING AS SELF-CONFIDENT AS YOU CAN IN THE NOW; this builds the strength of your confidence.

Lead Your Mind To Lead Your Life:  If you KNEW, without a doubt, that the next thought you think is going to come true, what would you think about NOW?  When you ask yourself that question, you lead your mind - and thus you lead your life IN THE NOW.

As you contemplate and remember to apply these powerful leadership development principles and practices IN THE NOW, more and more, you will lead your life more and more swiftly and joyfully to your goals. 

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