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How To Remove Enemies From Your Life

Do you believe that you have enemies?

If so, examine the belief that that belief is based upon.

It is based upon the belief that another can do you harm.

Consider your grounds for that underlying belief.  What is that belief based on?  It is based on appearances, and on the logical inferences you draw from appearances.

What if you found out that all that anyone can ever do is help you?  What if, no matter how hard another tried to harm you, the end result was inevitably a gift?

And what if the gift was your real, intrinsic liberation to live a happier life?

In that case, you would drop your belief in enemies.  You would believe in only good.

The entire universe is one big “good machine”.  The “trick” is to awaken from the dream that anything less than good can be.

To help you to awaken from this dream, consider how you can grow through whatever you must go through.

For instance, you use any person's power that you feel threatened by as an opportunity to escape from the clutches of fear.

The moment you begin trusting that another's actions are essentially designed for you, you begin to see what a gift that person's power really is.

You don't have to hold onto ideas of others that bring you fear.

You don't have to prove your superiority over anyone; simply use whatever comes at you as an opportunity to become a superior person.

Whatever you feel is threatened by another's actions is really beyond your control anyway.

Sooner or later, ultimately, we all must learn this lesson: surrendering to life brings us the life we long for.

Surrendering to life, in this constructive sense, does not mean abandoning yourself to dismal thoughts of helpless gloom and doom.

It means surrendering your fear to trust, to faith in life.  It means letting go of worry and the futile, anxious quest to prove yourself, which is like trying to get some kind of foothold on a steep and slippery cliff.

Surrendering control, in this constructive sense, means surrendering control that you really don't have.  And here is the important point: you don't ever need more control than you have.

You don't need to control others who resist your control.  Your future is not dependent upon what others do.  It is not dependent upon what you falsely think you can make another do.

You cannot make another come through for you in any way.  Why?  Because everyone is already bound to come through for you in every way that really counts.

The form that your future takes depends upon what you do.  The more you fearfully struggle against imaginary demons, the more you lose your way.  This way creates failure.

Your success is a given when you stop anticipating failure.  

You lose all sense of inferiority when you stop mentally comparing your lot in life to another's.  

Entrust your life to the greater good that always “wants” to happen.

Stop trying to please anyone.  Follow another kind of inner guidance than the one that keeps you feeling fearfully dependent upon what others think of you.  You have a deeper calling than that.

You are called to the inner freedom that lets you fully participate in the love of life.  You are called to live in this inner freedom unconditionally.

Don't give too much thought to your circumstances.  Avoid the plight defined by the poet Wordsworth when he pined, “The world is too much with us.”

You give your circumstances too much thought when you worry about yourself or about another.

Entrust your life to the vision of life that fulfills your deepest heart's desire.  Allow  yourself to live in the fulfillment of your heart's desire in this moment.

A so-called “enemy” is really a friend wearing “fiend's mask”.  He or she is offering you an opportunity to strengthen your freedom from fear, through exercise.

Here is an exercise for removing “enemies” from your life:

1… Notice when you think about a person as your enemy.

2… Remember that this person gives you the opportunity to lose your fear.

3… Notice when you imagine this person's power to harm you in anyway.

4… Remember that you bring about what you think about.

Perhaps most important to practice is this: remember that life is never your enemy.  

Nothing can ever happen to you that is not ultimately for you.  

Wherever you are, look for the good until you find it.  That is how to remove enemies from your life.

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