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7 Self-Growth Tips For Greater Success And Happiness

The first self-growth tip for greater success and happiness is to accept personal / professional responsibility for our self-development.  For there can be no elevation of our level of success as long as we continue functioning at our current level.

See your level of success as a reflection of your level of self-growth.  Identify your goals and commit to growing into the self that can achieve those goals.

Self-Growth Tip #2 … Just the fact that you want to grow means that you will grow, and as you grow you will grow happier and more successful.  Never doubt the creative power of desire to direct your destiny.

SElf-Growth Tip #3 … Remember that calm and confidence go together, like husband and wife, to produce more happy success.  To develop your calm, simply practice it.  Notice when you begin to feel emotional or stressed out and make an effort to simply feel calmer in that moment.  Each effort you make to feel and to stay calmer makes your ability to remain calm that much stronger.

Self-Growth Tip #4 … Self-confidence is the foundation of competence.  Self-confidence inspires others to feel confident in you.  Developing self-confidence works like growing into a calmer person.  

Think about something that you already feel very confident in.  Notice how it feels to feel confident.  Then PRACTICE feeling confident.  Remember that growing stronger in internal states, like calm and confidence, is like growing stronger at the gym.  

The more you exercise your ability to live and work with the feeling of calm confidence, the stronger that feeling grows.

Self-Growth Tip 5 … To live in the future that we want we have to sacrifice our habitual, perhaps even obsessive and compulsive, focus on the past.  This is based on the principle that your life is headed in the direction of your attention.  

To  “let past things go” develop the mental discipline of noticing what you are thinking about in the now.  Usually, we think thoughts without even realizing it.  

By observing your thoughts more, you will notice when you are thinking of a past event.  When you notice that happening, just let go of the thought and focus your attention on what is happening in the present.  

Each time you intentionally focus your attention on the present, your power to let go of the past and to live in the future that you desire will grow stronger.  

Self-Growth Tip 6 … Live in the now to direct your destiny.  Remember that living with awareness in the now is essential, because the present is the workshop of your future.  Think about it: we create what happens to us.  Our future is the materialization of our thoughts, feelings, speech and actions in the now.

Self-Growth Tip 7 … Remember that growing into a greater leader in your life and work takes self-work.  The more you do this work, the higher the level of your accomplishments.  

Therefore, PRACTICE: 

… Practice staying calm in the now

… Practice feeling confident in the now

… Practice observing your thinking in the now

… Practice letting thoughts of the past go.  

The more you practice this the more you will grow into the calm, confident leader of your life into greater success and happiness.

I suggest that you read these 7 self-growth tips for greater success and happiness everyday for at least the next 30 days.  Reading them first thing in the morning will help you to remember to practice them all day long.  

Remember that without practice, nothing changes.  Even practicing a little is better than not practicing at all.

Create a culture of personal accountability for self-growth in your leadership and workforce.  

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