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Improve Communication Skills With Accountability

To improve communication skills in the workplace, teach and reinforce the practice of Communication Accountability

One aspect of this is to help each individual to accept at least part of the responsibility for any communication breakdown at work.

To communicate effectively involves at least two individuals: a transmitter and a receiver.

When communicating goes wrong, from a misunderstanding that leads to a worksite mishap, to a worker taking personal offense to an off-hand remark, BOTH INDIVIDUALS NEED TO FACE HOW THEY CONTRIBUTED TO THE PROBLEM.


This is how to harness the power of employee accountability for improving communication skills at work.

While our human insecurities drive us into defensiveness and self-justification, everyone involved in a communication problem bears some degree of responsibility.

For instance, the person who feels offended really doesn't have to take another's remark so personally.

Taking the remarks, and even the opinions expressed by others PROFESSIONALLY instead of personally represents one of the basic workplace communication skills for team building.

And of course the person who made the remark that incited a team member to take offense can practice being more sensitive and aware to improve teamwork.

Imagine someone who aspired to be a successful motivational speaker holding the audience responsible every time that his performance falls flat.

Imagine how much more successful that motivational speaker would be by looking at his results as an indication of his need to develop his public communication skill.

Here are some additional employee accountability tips for improving communication skill at work. 

Be sure to train your workers in some of these basic workplace communication skills, and to periodically reinforce that training.  

These tips for improving communication skill include:

  • Observe your listener while you speak to insure that you have his / her attention.

  • Hone your statements to make your point clearly and without spending any unnecessary time.

  • Monitor your mood and attitude, based on the fact that you need to be calm to be clear and respectful to be received.

  • Avoid wasting energy on arguing by respecting the other person's right to his or her own opinion.

  • When an error that you have made has been pointed out, instead of explaining why you thought you were right in doing what you did, explain what you will do to either repair the damage or to avoid repeating it.

Of course, the most important place in the organization for the practice of accountability in communication is at the leadership level.

The communication skills demonstrated by leadership set the tone for the communication practices demonstrated by the workforce.

When there is a communication breakdown between you and an employee anywhere in your organization, consider how YOU have contributed to it, and don't fear admitting your part: 

  • "Perhaps I could have been clearer."  
  • "Perhaps I blurred my message by providing too much information."  
  • "Perhaps I presumed that you understood what I meant without checking to make sure."

As you link employee accountability with workplace communication skill, you can: 

  • Improve teamwork and efficiency
  • Raise employee productivity 
  • Diminish needless interpersonal conflict in the workplace.

Empower your team to succeed with leadership and employee communication skills training as part of your motivational team building seminar. 

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