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Use These Customer Service Skills To Build A Great Team

customer service for team building

Customer service skills are not just for customer service representatives. They are necessary relationship skills that enhance the service and hosting practices of professionals of all kinds.

Not just front line personnel, but even managers and CEO's can use customer service skills to help their workforce feel motivated, and to regard themselves and their contribution to the organization as significant.

Among the most important customer service "best practices" has to do with dealing with difficult people.

A difficult person is someone who expresses customer dissatisfaction or a low level of customer satisfaction, who treats you in an overly aggressive or insulting manner, or who makes unreasonable demands or expresses impossible customer expectations.

Keeping your cool under the pressure of an unhappy customer can be extremely difficult, but that needs to be your number 1 focus.customer service for team building

If the difficult customer can cause you to lose your peace and poise, you lose your power to direct the customer experience and enjoy yourself in the process.

To help you accomplish this, be clear about what your customer satisfaction goals are. Also be clear about the fact that you need to have a good day.

Strive to remain personable, stress-free and anger-free at all times.

By remaining calm and confident you can respond reasonably to the customer and articulate your thoughts clearly and simply. This can have a calming effect on the other person.

And this protects you, the service representative, from having a “bad day”.

It also insures that you fulfill your professional responsibility.

From a personal standpoint, not just a professional one, seek to become an expert at NOT giving people the power to make you have a “bad day”.

Your time is too precious for you to allow a challenging caller or visitor to spoil it for you.

customer service for team building

To gain expertise in this important area, remember that it is not how the other person conducts himself or herself, but rather, it is how you respond, that determines how you feel.

Customer service is a form of team building. You want to make your customer feel that you are both on the same side, and that your organization is on his or her side. 

You want your customer, ultimately, to be a part of the overall team that works for the good of your organization.

By remaining calm, confident, and pleasant, you help your visitor, caller or customer feel calm, pleased and confident in YOU. You also enjoy your work far more than if you become stressed out in reaction to another's antics.

Avoid getting so caught up on controlling or even judging your customer that you overlook how much SELF-control you are losing in the process.

Exercise your self-control while you listen to complaints.

It's easy to become defensive. It's easy to begin judging the customer as being unreasonable or overly demanding. But remember that you will feel better AND be more effective by remaining relaxed and listening compassionately.

If you catch yourself beginning to feel impatientcustomer service for team building, take a calming breath and remind yourself to NOT take the customer's remarks personally. 

If you get lured into a personal, pride-based power-struggle, you give YOURSELF a “bad day”.

When someone raises an issue, receive it confidently.

If you cannot resolve an issue, like when a client demands to schedule a meeting with someone who is unavailable, if you remain calm you will be able to respond clearly.

The more irate the other person is, the more difficult it can be to avoid reacting in an aggressive or passive aggressive manner. But reacting contentiously, however subtle, always backfires.

Help the displeased customer feel heard by reflecting back your understanding of what he or she is saying or demanding.

Often, a customer with an unrealistic expectation just wants to be heard and understood.

customer service for team building

Perhaps the most important practice for achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction for the product or service that you as a customer service professional represent is this: If you are having a good time, your attitude will be contagious and the customer you interact with is sure to feel better about you, the product or service, and the organization you represent.

Improve the "customer service skills" at every level of your organization.  Schedule a motivating team building seminar or motivational speaker event today.

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