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Relationship Building Wisdom: How To Reach People

Team building is about relationship building.

Relationship building is rooted in communication.

Successful, satisfying communication happens when two or more people REACH one another.

Reaching someone is an organic process.

The process begins with the intention to reach someone.

When you act on that intention you may find an open, pleasant “circuit of energy” connecting the two of you that seems to occur effortlessly. 

When this happens, it means that you and the other are “ripe” for a connection.

Just as fully ripened fruit comes effortless off the vine, you find it easy to obtain the other's understanding, agreement and cooperation.

Ripeness for a connection means that what you have to offer and the other person's receptivity intersect at a peak level.

team building wisdom and ripenessBut in other instances you may come up against a feeling of struggle and resistance, a feeling of “not getting through” to the person, the sense of a “closed circuit” dividing the two of you.

Just as the need to struggle to pluck fruit from the vine indicates that the fruit has not yet fully ripened, interpersonal struggle indicates that this relationship is not yet ripe for the particular kind of understanding, agreement or cooperation that you are seeking.

When you encounter signs of unripeness for a connection, a more patient approach to relationship building is called for.

As you must put off harvesting unripe fruit from a tree, you avoid impatient forcing or pushiness to get what you want from your relationship.

Resistance is almost always a sign that you are attempting to make things happen faster than the natural ripening process.

If fear drives you into perpetuating your struggle against the organic ripening process, you end up reaping bitter fruit.  

To reach people successfully, avoid a self-sabotaging struggle against resistance.

Wait until you feel calm and secure.

Then consider small, easy steps you can take to gradually build up your connection along a path of minimal or no resistance.

team building wisdom and ripeness

Team building, relationship building and smooth communication occur along a path of least resistance when you trust the pace of the ripening process.  

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