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Create A Sane Organization Culture

Conscious Communication Skills For Order and Success

Reactions based on an interpretation of what someone says, without checking to see if your interpretation agrees with what that person meant to say, invite self-delusion.  

Emotional reactions to words and ideas generate chaos and confusion, preventing clear enough thinking to see the need to first check to see if your frightening, angry or hurt interpretation is accurate.

Presuming we know what someone means, or what someone is up to, and then reacting with fear and accusation, prior to checking, risks mistreating and misrepresenting that person without justification.

This sort of emotional-mental confusion is contagious, forming a mob psychology characterized by a rush to judgment.

If it goes unchecked in an organization, it produces a basic culture of chaos and conflict, vitriolic emotion, defensiveness, distrust, and insecurity.  

It creates a culture of “impulsively react first, think (with regret) later”; “blame first, understand (with remorse) later”.  

A healthy culture of an organization (family or relationship) is about clear thinking, "reality checking", and strategic responses based on the results of reality checking.  This approach avoids creating problems; instead, it solves them. 

The practice of skipping the step of reality checking is easier than maintaining the composure necessary to think clearly, and thus it can spread through a family or an organization like an illness, like a wildfire.  It is bound to generate increasingly costly chaos, conflict and confusion the longer it goes on.

Emotional reactions short-circuit clear self-reflection and the sound judgment that can come from that.  Reactions of strong anger, fear or sadness convince us that untested interpretations are right. 

A tremendously costly waste of resources, including human resources, can often be avoided by simply asking someone if he or she is doing what you imagine that person to be doing, by simply asking that person if he or she means what you imagine him or her to mean, before presuming that you know, before becoming emotional about it, and before setting things into motion aimed at dealing with what you imagine to be happening. 

Organizations cannot afford the waste that takes place as a result of its personnel's failure to reality-check before reacting.

Creating and maintaining a culture of patient and thorough reality-checking (sanity) before reacting, before judging people, before strategy making/strategy changing, and before policy-making/policy changing establishes an organization on the sure footing of facts for determining the most reliable course of profitability.

To practice this:

1… Notice when you emotionally react to something said.

2… Give yourself time to calm down

3… When calm, examine your presumptions

4… Determine the questions you need to ask to check on the accuracy of your presumption

5… Ask those questions ie: reality check

Admittedly, this process takes time.  To hasten the process, practice maintaining your genuine inner peace and poise in response to words and ideas.  Practice remaining self-aware “in the now” to recognize your assumptions.  Check on your assumptions before reacting.

The Conscious Communication 

Skills Formulas:

Words > Interpretation > Reaction = self-imposed ignorance, reckless gambling, higher than necessary likelihood of self-delusion.  Inevitably generates drama, chaos, confusion, conflict.

Words > Interpretation > Check on your interpretation > Then Respond = Sane, empirical approach to understanding.  Avoids wasting energy on needless reactions to imaginary problems; maintains a culture of order for success.

Improve the communication skills of your workforce.  

Create a culture of sane responsiveness, decision-making and strategizing for order and success.  

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